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Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg is famed for its attentive and individualized service, a truly ideal address for both business customers and leisure seekers.


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Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg is committed to respecting the environment, facilitating the use of public transport such as bicycles, busses and the hotel's free shuttle, among other eco-friendly initiatives that we invite you to discover in our commitments and our environmental charter.
When luxury meets service and the environment!

The EcoLabel Luxembourg is a label certifying hotels, country cottages, group accommodation and campsites that stand out for their exemplary ecological management and environmentally friendly practices. You can discover the EcoLabel Luxembourg criteria and more information on

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Royal picnic

A pretty soft blanket, a well-stocked wicker basket: crunchy vegetables, fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, seasonal fruits and tasty pastries! A bottle of chilled rosé and you just have to choose your favourite spot!

Charging stations

4 charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed in the parking lot at the back of the hotel. These are 22 kW terminals. Recharging your vehicle will require between 4 and 8 hours.

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